Tree Pole Pruners



  • 16″ SK85 hard chrome-plated blade, Jetwise toothing with impulse hardening
  • Special design aluminum pole that is rigid, strong, and durable
  • Hooked tip & bark cutter function
  • Remove the thin branches or remaining barks easily during cutting


Item # Diameter
KW32-0003 2 section – 3.5 meters
KW32-0004 2 section – 4.5 meters
KW32-0005 2 section – 5.5 meters
Item # Description
KW32-1001 Pole saw set with hook & cutter
KW21-1002 Pole saw set with cutter
KW32-1005 Lightweight foldable tree pole pruner; easy to use and easy to carry (600 g). Extendable aluminum pole, 2m
KW35-1001 Extendable aluminum pole, 3m
KW35-1002 Extendable aluminum pole, 4m
KW35-1003 Extendable aluminum pole, 5m
KW35-1004 Universal clamp system is suitable for gardening saws, such as pruning saws and foldable saws. Extendable iron pole with foldable saw, 1.5m